LNCG is the tech marketing agency you've always wanted.

we work with people who love what they do - just like us.

We’ve sat on the opposite side of the agency from the company perspective. We understand how difficult it can be to give trust to an outside company who will give the same amount of dedication and passion as a normal employee. When we started LNCG, our goal was to be the agency we always wanted! A true partner and an extension of the company without the cost of hiring an entire marketing team at your fingertips.

Our team is your team. Let’s build something beautiful together.   


Tech + Art + Marketing

We're a passionate team uniquely geared for technology companies. We don't pretend to know everything, but we're not shy about showing what we're capable of. And when it comes to tech marketing, we're fired up.

We're not just creative, we're shrewdly pragmatic and strategic about helping you build a successful company that will knock the socks off your competitor with visually stunning designs and a robust marketing engine under the hood. 

Let's go for a ride.

We're not for everyone.

If you're looking for a quick logo, a speedy website, or a silver bullet then we're not the right agency for you. We know your time is valuable, and we also value ours. There are millions of ready-made solutions available on the inner webs that may fit your company.

However, if you're a company that understands the importance of a brand and how it directly affects not just your product or service but is inherently aligned with the values of your customers then let's get to know each other.

Thrown off by our frankness?  We love what we do and only work with companies who truly love and are passionate about what they do too.





We specialize in working with tech companies - period. We know what we're good at and put all our energy towards that.



We're competitively priced, focused on tech companies alone and are experts at design and development.



We project manage our team the same way development and engineering teams do to ensure a seamless end-to-end sprint run in a timely and efficient manner.



We're able to quickly change tracks and weave with the ebbs and flows of your business and KPI's. We remain nimble through and through.



We understand complex enterprise and software solutions because we've worked at tech companies ourselves.



Our team is your team. Whether you're a small company looking to expand or a big company looking to outsource we develop a relationship that is the perfect fit.



of Tech Marketing


Branding, marketing, and selling technology products or services requires a concentrated approach within very well defined verticals that are unique to your business, the marketplace and your potential customers. 

As an extension of your company we take a global look at all the elements of your business to strategize, implement, test, and refine until we discover a winning strategy that is unique to you.  


Technology We Love