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We’re a full-service Technology Marketing agency based in Annapolis, Maryland with a global client base. We believe in making Tech Marketing simple so you can focus on building the business of your dreams. Gain peace-of-mind as we become your off-site marketing team building highly customized, personalized, and targeted strategies that brings value.

The LNCG Team puts people over profit, which is why we also offer a unique affordable package to startups, solopreneurs, and small businesses. Let’s build something beautiful together and nurture more businesses that help change the world.




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Managed Marketing

Take the stress out of your marketing with our Managed Marketing services. A truly customized partnership based on your specific needs with targeted strategies.


website design & development

Discover your unique brand story and convey it in a compelling way through brand experience to stand out in our digital landscape.


work in the cloud

marketing automation

Enhance your marketing and sales with Marketing Automation platforms that leverages data and turns it into nurturing tactics that achieves sales goals.


branding & creative

Discover your brand story and beat the competition with an exceptional brand experience.


electrify your marketing

invest in your marketing and discover lncg.