We know tech.

bridging the gap between tech and business.


LNCG is a B2B marketing, branding, and design agency uniquely geared for technology companies.  We bring years of marketing experience in technology that understands on an intrinsic level how to bridge the gap between marketing, engineering, development, design and sales.  

We know what makes techies tick, and we’re strategist who know how to effectively communicate the complex and wonderful applications that are being built to a customer base of varying technological backgrounds.  

Many engineers and developers are inherently skeptical of marketing, and many marketers struggle to understand vital technical data that is needed to support the buying process. 

At LNCG, we bridge that gap by building strategic solutions that not only impress with function, but educate through design and communication.  

Together, we end up building something beautiful; intelligent software and apps that are user friendly and on brand, websites that effectively explain complex technical products and content that connects with customers who are administrative and technical.


Our Team Values

Work Hard

We value hard work. Some people dream of building things, and others go about the business of just doing. We're the latter. It's a privilege to devote our working lives to our passions everyday.

Team Mentality

We work as one cohesive unit from top to bottom. We don't take things personally if it's the best decision for the whole team. We bring the best versions of ourselves to work and help each other out.

Be Kind

Being nice and being kind are two different things. We're kind to partners, our team mates, families, friends, the environment and to ourselves. We treat each other and ourselves with respect.  


There is only one thing constant in life - change. We don't shy away from it, we embrace it and understand that being flexible leads to longevity. The tree that doesn't bend, breaks.

Stay Humble

At the heart of our business, we remain humble and grateful for the opportunity to spend our lives creating, building and working with people who are also interested in building something positive.


We respect each other and perform all tasks with integrity. We treat each other the way we'd like to be treated and personify a positive moral compass that doesn't waver.


We value being open, transparent and honest human beings. We build positive dialogues and aren't too proud to sit around the kitchen table and have tough conversations when needed.


Life is short, no one can afford to take themselves too seriously. We love humor and believe everyone should find at least one reason for a deep belly laugh each day. 


People love our work, but they hire us because of our people.  Meet some members of our team!


Naly Rice

Founder & CEO 


Chris Nowak

Head of UX



Web Designer & Animator


Chris Rice



Peter Polus

Art Director 



LNCG Team Mascot & Chief Napper 


blazej polkowski

Creative Director


rachel schroath