Most Inspiring Graphic Design Trends of 2019 Your Small Business Could Use

Design trends are a great way to identify what’s new and upcoming across design in a number of spectrums. Keeping your company’s logo, website, and overall brand, fresh and relevant is an important aspect of design and marketing.

Figuring out whether your company should stay the same or incorporate more trendy designs is a very strategic, and sometimes personal, choice. Plenty of brands continue to update every couple of years. Some companies mark certain milestones with an infusion of exciting new designs - like mergers, acquisitions, new company leadership, and more.

If you’re into design, looking for new ways to inject some modern design practices, or simply to see what’s shaking in the design community, check out our list of some of the biggest design trends in 2019 so far.

Isometric Designs

Isometric designs are being used heavily right now to bring visuals stories to life. Many of these designs can be customized to create the perfect scene for a website, explaining complex concepts, and/or simply as a fun way to add depth.

At LNCG, we utilize some isometric designs to showcase what our team does.

3D Designs

Using 3D shapes, and complete environments, is a growing trend after years of flat design. Be careful not to overuse any 3D designs for the sake of using it. You want the 3D design to complement, and or neatly fit into, your larger brand story.

White Space & Open Composition

The smart use of white space and open composition can dramatically change your company. For the brave, designing without set limits, spaces, and hierarchy is even more difficult than designing within borders. We believe that graphic designers are up to the task though, since we’re seeing a larger amount of designs that completely forgo the website design norms and end up with something delightfully curated. These designs aren’t afraid to draw outside the box and entice website visitors to explore the brand beyond the browser.

Custom Illustrations

The illustrated look, depending on execution, can add a unique layer of design and brand story telling. Whether you want an illustration of a person, icons, objects, food, etc. it will add depth to your design when paired with white space and smart typography. These illustrations tend to be more feminine in nature, however, we believe that a bold custom illustrated design can also evoke a masculine feel if only applied precisely with the right color selection and font.


Even before Instagram changed their logo to a color gradient, this design trend was gaining lots of steam - and for good reason! It’s incredibly versatile, fluid, and customizable. One color alone can say so much, but a gradient of colors can spark a company from bland to spectacular. When gradients are applied to images and shapes, it transforms whatever it graces giving the item a special touch that is cohesive. This is among one of our favorite design trends that we simply don’t see dying off.

Mid-Century Art

Many websites and logos are being made in the mid-century art style with clean lines and vintage color palettes. It may seem counterintuitive to utilize this style design since it is older, but on the contrary. Design is a fearless task, and more and more companies are using mid-century style because it also helps you stand out in a different and unique way.

Asymmetrical Design

Graphic designers that design websites know that design can only be contained within a browser. If you went to art school, or took any design classes, then you’d know that traditional web design specifies the use of “the grid.” The little lines that run horizontal and vertical which is basically a blank canvas. It can become difficult to create something with interest if you’re always following the rules.

That’s where asymmetrical design comes in. It helps the designer create angles that entice website visitors to explore more. These sites can sometimes feel “alive” as you scroll because of it’s curated feeling and often

Color Focus

Utilizing one color to focus the brand is a design trend that we never see dying off. Discovering a color shade that hasn’t been used before, and/or, is not used by competitors is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd.

Isn’t one color going to be too much? Not exactly. One well defined color along with black, white, and certain shades of grey can help transform a brand in a powerful way - especially if you choose a unique color.

Are you thinking about updating your company’s branding or simply interested in design?