What is a brand?  

In recent years it's become a buzz word.  Something people toss around or confuse with a logo and some collateral.  But a brand is so much more than that.  It's a personality, an attitude, an intentional perspective - a living breathing, evolving figure. It's your company with all it's hopes and dreams and promise of delivering something of value to whoever comes into contact with it.

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Brand Development

Building a brand begins with understanding why you're important to your clients. What about you makes your clients want, maybe even need, you?  What makes you great and how can we build a brand that brings out the very best version of yourself and your company?  We talk about brands with feelings and emotions because our brands evoke a personality that triggers a strong emotional connection.  Even B2B brands do this whether you realize it or not.  We work with you to develop a robust brand strategy to grow with from now into inifinity.

Communication Strategy

If content is king, then communication is essential to figuring out your tone and voice. Want to be a funny brand? How about a brand that instills trust and security?  Perhaps you're a laid-back brand that is fun? 

Developing a comprehensive communication strategy for your company can make or break your content strategy and brand.  It's about how you talk to people, and that they receive your message with the intent that you wanted. 

Many companies underestimate how badly they need a communication strategy. We're here to wrap it all up for you.

We craft beautiful brands at the intersection of art and technology through research, market analysis and stunning visual excellence.
— Naly Rice, Founder and CEO

Logo & Identity

The brand is the personality, the communication strategy deciphers how you talk to people, and your logo and identity is your uniform. 

We take a strategic look at the marketplace, your competitors, and your customers while we develop your logo and identity.  Whether we're doing a logo lift or fulfilling a complete rebrand, our aim is always to put you in the sharpest "outfit." 

Having a consistent brand identity will give off an air of professionalism, stature, quality, and credibility. 

Brand Style Guidelines

Being consistent is easy with our end-to-end brand style guidelines.  We deliver to you an easy to follow guide with design essentials that make it easy to implement your brand in a plethora of forms. 

Keep this document close, share it with your team, and institute a brand guideline with your creative and technical teams for consistency.


Developing a cohesive brand also means creating products and services within the same brand nomenclature.  Have a customer software platform?  Need an industry specific product?  

Having the right name can make your product or service identifiable from the get-go or confusing and leaves your Sales team struggling to explain. 

We help you develop a range of naming options that fit your brand and appeal to your customer base.

print & packaging

Having your product be encapsulated in beautiful packaging lets customers know that you not only value your product, you value the entire brand experience.  Remember the last time you were excited to unbox a gift? We want your customers to have that thrill each and every time they interact with your product. Our creative team designs and develops beautiful packaging so you can stand out from the crowd.

Trade show concept & design

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to immerse potential leads and current customers into your company's brand. Combined with a strategic marketing plan, a great trade show concept can attract leads, strengthen your brand's presence in the marketplace, and include a fun or entertaining experience. Our creative team has designed it all, from simple stunning pull-up stands, to full-fledge brand experiences complete with a custom gaming experience utilizing elements from your brand.

e-newsletter design

Developing an e-newsletter is an excellent way to update current customers and inform potential leads of developments at your company.  In many cases, marketing produces two newsletters - one for potential leads and another for current customers. Dissecting your emails this way allows you greater power to control the messaging and cater it to your audience. Our creative team designs and develops an on-brand email template for you to use and we also integrate it into your software of choice whether it's a robust marketing automation solution or an email provider like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Emma, and more.