Content is king but you still need a strategic vision and precise execution of that to get the results you want.  Most agencies won't tell you that, instead putting you on a track of building endless amounts of content that may or may not catch your customer's attention. 

We don't write content at LNCG, we're story tellers who write stories that connects you to your customers.

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Brand Storytelling

Every brand has a unique story behind all the products and services.  It is the essence of why your company is in existence.  It's in the crevices of your business goals and in the confines of your office.  At LNCG, we carefully study these nuances to develop compelling stories that is at the very core of your business, your people, and your brand.

Brand stories don't just talk about what makes your products great.  Great brand stories reveal something deeper that connects with viewers and evokes emotion.


Website Content Creation

Writing website copy is both an art and a skills that requires an acute communication strategy and a deep understanding of your customer's psychographics. 

Some people think if you have too much content, no one will read it anyway, but it's wrong.  There is a reason why content is called king, and developing website copy is crucial for piquing your site visitor so much that it encourages them to perform an action - to contact you and find out more.

That's what we do at LNCG - we take your website copywriting, align it with your brand, cater it to your customer and tie it in with an action.



Lifestyle Content Creation

Writing lifestyle copy should be as easy as having a conversation with a friend on a shared topic you both really enjoy.  In these conversations you teach, you learn, and you share with others.

Developing lifestyle copy has as many goals and strategy as any business.  You want to tell relevant stories, with attainable and useful advice for a specific topic. Our sister company, means we keep on hand a team of editorial writers who understand how to write lifestyle content that is as strategic as it is entertaining to read. 

E-books, White Papers, Case Studies

Part of getting site visitors to perform an action involves giving away digital products like e-books, white papers and case studies that makes it easier for them to reference back to your company.

Every single piece of content that we build at LNCG is built with the end goals and the customer in mind. Whether we need to explain complex services or make it easier for an advocate to sell your product/service internally, we work to build these items and connect it with an overall campaign strategy.