Email & Graphic Design

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to connect with potential leads and current customers.  We further your brand by designing beautiful email layouts that inform, entertain and convert readers. Whether you need a new trade show design, an e-newsletter template or campaign specific designs, we're here to support your efforts!

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Print & Packaging Design

Having your product be encapsulated in beautiful packaging lets customers know that you not only value your product, you value the entire brand experience.  Remember the last time you were excited to unbox a gift? We want your customers to have that thrill each and every time they interact with your product. Our creative team designs and develops beautiful packaging so you can stand out from the crowd.

Corporate Collateral

At LNCG, we believe in complete and seamless end-to-end brand deployment. That means there is a brand continuum where the viewer experience no breaks in the brand experience from the first time they interact with your company on the phone to the flyer to the business card, the website and so much more. We take the same careful approach to your corporate collateral as we would with your website or app design because they all intersect and leave a positive seamless note for potential leads and customers.



Trade Show Concept & Design

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to immerse potential leads and current customers into your company's brand. Combined with a strategic marketing plan, a great trade show concept can attract leads, strengthen your brand's presence in the marketplace, and include a fun or entertaining experience. Our creative team has designed it all, from simple stunning pull-up stands, to full-fledge brand experiences complete with a custom gaming experience utilizing elements from your brand. 

E-newsletter Design

Developing an e-newsletter is an excellent way to update current customers and inform potential leads of developments at your company.  In many cases, marketing produces two newsletters - one for potential leads and another for current customers. Dissecting your emails this way allows you greater power to control the messaging and cater it to your audience. Our creative team designs and develops an on-brand email template for you to use and we also integrate it into your software of choice whether it's a robust marketing automation solution or an email provider like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Emma, and more.