What is LNCG?

LNCG is a full-service technology marketing, branding, and design firm.  We craft beautiful brands and bring out the true essence of technology companies that drives business results.  Technology companies require a marketing partner that not only runs a bunch of tactics.  You need a partner who truly understands the technical complexities of your product/service and is able to easily translate that to your target markets.  We then take that information and build visually stunning websites, softwares and apps to further enhance your customers' experience.

Is LNCG a design studio?

Yes. If you need a la carte services, we're able to design and develop specific items for your needs.  This could be creating a new logo, designing trade show materials, event specific branding, and more.

What size companies do you work with?

We work with a variety of companies from startups, small-to-medium businesses and large corporations.  We also offer flexible payments instead of the traditional ad agency pricing which makes our services more affordable for small-to-medium sized businesses.

Do you work with startups?

Yes, we love working with technology startups that have amazing products/services. We’re able to work as your primary off-site marketing team or integrate with your current marketing team to expand your services.

Do you offer flexible payment options?

Yes. We built LNCG with the idea that we wanted a more flexible solution to the traditional ad agency pricing structures.  Having the ability to offer a number of flexible payment options means we're building value with a fair payment policy.

Another agency is guaranteeing ROI, can you?

We always tell prospective clients that if an agency is promising high ROI, we advise you to run, not walk away.  We work as an extension of your marketing department, and in essence, of your company and business goals. What works for one company (even in the same industry) isn't going to necessarily work for you. There is no silver-bullet.  

What we guarantee is that we hold ourselves accountable for the campaigns and tactics we both agree upon.  We carefully track all of our activities and actively refine until we discover what drives results for your specific company, products, and services in your target markets.

I need help with internal buy-in. Can you support me with that?

Yes. We understand that some companies need more internal buy-in to truly see how beneficial marketing is to the bottom line.  We'd be more than happy to support you in your quest to modernize your company's marketing/sales efforts.

I have a specific product/service launch. Can you help with this one item only?

Yes.  We do a la carte services and are able to build a branding/marketing strategy for specific product or service launches.

Can you do pro bono work?

Every year, we have a quota of pro bono work that we offer to nonprofits.  If you're interested in signing up to be on the pro bono wait list, please contact us with your nonprofits' information.  Being put on the list is not a guarantee that you will be selected for work.  Our team carefully reviews submissions and selects a set number of nonprofits to choose from.  If you are selected, then we will notify you.

Can you design only & our team will develop?

Yes.  We work with a number of technology companies that prefer to have our designs developed by their own teams.  Although we prefer to develop all designs to ensure continuity, we're able to deliver designs to your development team.  In these cases, we cannot be held liable for any discrepancies once the designs are delivered.

How many people can i have at a workshop?

There isn't a limit on how many people can attend a workshop.  However, some of the most effective workshops have 30 people or less.  We provide an interactive workshop experience and encourage all attendees to get involved in brainstorming.