marketing health & wellness

An ever growing amount of the world population are making healthier choices and turning to the right organizations to achieve their health goals. Additionally, the concern for HIPAA Compliance and data security is very real. Get ahead of the curve and be sure that your organization is ready to attract and meet the demands of new patients as well as partner with a secure Cloud Service Provider to have a beautiful, safe, and secure digital presence. 


some services we provide to healthcare organizations

  • Website Design & Management

  • Patient Portal Design

  • Patient Smartphone Apps

  • Informational & Collateral Design

  • HIPAA/PCI/SSAE Partnerships

  • Content Creation

  • Professional Photography

  • Conference Design & Development

  • Consumer/Patient Engagement



hipaa compliant partners

We stay true to our technology roots by working with a plethora of Cloud Service Providers who offer HIPAA, PCI, and SSAE compliant environments for your website and data.

managed marketing

Whether we manage all or a part of your marketing, we’re your partner in achieving your communication goals. We’re able to build strategies and deploy targeted tactics that help you reach your business goals.

website/app management

Digital tech savvy patients expect an exceptional medical experience now. Surprise them with how modern, safe, and convenient your healthcare organization is by having LNCG build and manage your website and patient apps.


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