Tech Marketing Made Simple.

Your Managed Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS) Solution.

The turnkey managed marketing solution that reduces costs, ensures business continuity and delivers results.  Get ahead of the curb with your own off-site marketing department at the tip of your fingers.

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Value of MaaS

Simple & scalable

  • Plug & Play makes it easy to quickly provide services in days not weeks or months
  • Throttle your needs month-to-month to match business needs
  • Vendor agnostic providing deep knowledge and experience across multiple provider offerings

Marketing experts

  • Dedicated Marketing Specialist
  • Standardized services makes building processes better
  • Marketing Expert Support
  • Managed Marketing Automation with a variety of service providers

Predictable pricing

  • Predictable monthly pricing 

The Managed Marketing Digital Experience

LNCG equips you with a full professional off-site marketing team so you can focus on growing your business without the expense and hassle of hiring an internal-team.


Traditional Marketing Team

  • Hire, train, and on-board an entire internal marketing team from scratch.
  • Large financial commitment towards salaries, taxes, and other costs.
  • Data and insights are collected over a long period of time for reviewing at a later date.
  • Marketing plans are planned well in advance based on assumptive market conditions
  • All marketing efforts are orchestrated internally and across vendors with
  • Marketing dollars and time are often wasted with the buildup of tasks before demand is known

LNCG Team MaaS Solution

  • Dedicated Marketing Specialist with a curated strategic and creative team to work on your business marketing goals from day one.
  • Predictable, monthly invoices billed with no surprise pricing.
  • Data and insights come in real-time with more iterations for agile deployment of all tactics.
  • Core foundations of marketing is established, with flexibility in funds and strategy for real-time opportunities
  • Marketing is deployed as-a-Service where the core team determines goals and LNCG handles the execution of day-to-day functionality
  • When demand is identified, marketing is produced in real-time to maximise efforts

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