Top challenges of marketing

Every business is facing challenges with marketing because it’s an industry experiencing hyper growth and transformation.

  1. Creating relevant, valuable content.

  2. Finding Technical Marketing expertise.

  3. Budgets

  4. Aligning goals with company

  5. Rapid software/technology adoption



we’re your marketing department

We believe managed marketing is about delivering more than a laundry list of tactics to keep up with the competition.  It’s about understanding your business, learning the needs of your customer base, and delivering outcomes to both.  It’s a partnership allowing you to leverage our technology marketing, people, and processes to make tech marketing simple and successful.


Predictable Pricing

Marketing-as-a-Service works similar to IT-as-a-Service. We relieve you of your monthly marketing tasks at a predictable monthly cost. The best part? You won’t be charged for things that people typically assume about creative agencies - a cool but unnecessary office, travel, office supplies, etc.

Our monthly pricing varies based on your company’s marketing-as-a-service options. However, it can range from as little as $500 per month to $10K based on minor tasks to full marketing department services and marketing stack management.



Benefits of maas

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Get up and running faster with our team of marketing technology experts. Consider us your off-site marketing department.

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Whether you’re a startup or established business, ramping up or down is easy to save costs.

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consumption based

Pay only for the services that you actually need and use rather than being forced into a program.

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Our processes and delivery methods have been standardized so you have peace-of-mind about projects.

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outcomes focused

We’re committed to business outcomes and see ourselves as a partner and extension of your company. Let’s win together.

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Tool agnostic

Have the freedom to choose which softwares are best for your company and we’ll match the right team member with deep knowledge to perform the tasks.

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We continuously innovate, improve application knowledge and business processes at no expense to you. We just love getting better as a team!

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Discovering the right strategies and tactics while identifying future opportunities is how we help you grow.




Our comprehensive marketing funnel nurtures leads, supports sales, and follows the inbound marketing method.

Is your sales and marketing funnel ready for the digital world?


how we differ

We started LNCG because we’ve been in your shoes on the company side. We know that many marketing companies lack technical knowledge and software know-how, which is why our focus has always been on technology.

Instead of a wide and shallow approach, we go deep into technology with CRM, CMS, and Marketing Automation integration and implementation.