What is Managed marketing?

Managed Marketing was built out of the need for companies to have a marketing team available without all the hassle of hiring, training, and ensuring that they have technical knowledge.  Our Managed Marketing Services give you the freedom to focus on your business goals while we handle the day-to-day functions as your off-site marketing department.




marketing expertise

Our Technology Marketing Specialists have deep knowledge in strategy, creative, softwares, and more. This frees you up to get your product or service off the ground in record time.

cost savings

Hiring, training, and getting an in-house marketing team up to speed is time consuming. This doesn’t even include your actual marketing budget. At LNCG, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and work from the get go.


Grow your business and easily scale your marketing needs with LNCG. Whether you transition into hiring an in-house team or utilize LNCG as your dedicated off-site marketing department.


Managed marketing

adding Value to your business

Managed marketing with LNCG

  • Hire a MaaS with a strategic marketing team specialized in your industry.

  • Data and insights are generated continuously in real-time leaving room for adjustments and refinement. 

  • Pay a simple monthly recurring cost, with flexibility to cancel during down times.

  • Marketing is continuously being produced, measured, and refined to maximize efforts and outcomes.

  • A strategic vision, mission, goals and foundation is planned, with a reserved amount available for real-time opportunities.

  • Marketing-as-a-Service has a core team for you based on the project. We handle all the execution and reporting and work with your Marketing employee on outcomes.

Traditional Marketing

  • Hire an entire internal marketing team.

  • Data and insights are reported after the campaign has ended and reviewed by stakeholders. 

  • Must pay for all state and federal benefits like 401K, Social Security, Disability, Healthcare, etc.

  • Marketing efforts are stockpiled and often wasted with project buildup or lack of expertise and/or time.

  • Marketing tactics are planned far out in advance with little to no room for real-time market conditions.

  • All tactics are managed with several vendors and agencies with your internal Marketing employee facilitating.