process makes perfect

Automation is making it easier than ever to stay top-of-mind with leads and customers.  Combined with a strategic sales goal, marketing automation will enhance the selling process making leads softer.  With customer support, marketing automation makes keeping in touch easier and more efficient.  At LNCG, we implement marketing automation solutions and teach you how to maintain it and/or manage it all for you.



Integrate with CRM

Marketing Automation platforms integrate into your CRM to provide robust data on sales leads and prospects building a deeper, richer view of every individual.

Nurture Leads

Nurturing leads is an important part of winning the sale. Marketing Automation makes this more simple by centralizing all your efforts and providing deep analytics on behavior.

Align Marketing & Sales

Get your teams out of their silos by aligning marketing and sales efforts into one seamless platform where cross-coordination is easily tracked and continuously improved by both teams.


Implementation & Customization

Marketing Automation is a great tool for any company to enhance and centralize marketin

Drip E-mail Campaigns

Implementation & Customization

Drip E-mail Campaigns

CRM Integration

Landing Page Design

Marketing Automation Software is your command center. Everything is integrated into it with powerful tools that help the selling process.
— Naly Rice, Founder and CEO