Some initiatives we work with nonprofits on

  • AMS Management

  • Website Design & Management

  • Conference Concepts & Designs

  • Email Marketing

  • Conference Website

  • Companion Smartphone Apps

  • E-Newsletters

  • Media Kit Creation

  • Fundraising Kit Creation

  • Webinars



Association Management Software (AMS)

Clients love us because we remain software agnostic. This allows you to freely choose which software is right for your company while we help you implement and refine the software to suit your specific needs. Don’t see yours? No worries - just ask!


Tech expertise

It can be frustrating to run a number of programs, a website, member events, and more without the right technical expertise. That’s where LNCG comes in as your marketing partner, getting your programs up and off the ground from the get-go.

marketing support

No internal Marketing person? No problem! LNCG is your off-site marketing department and our expert team of Tech Marketing Specialists are here to resolve any technical marketing issues you may be having.


Nonprofits usually have minimal budgets which means you’re dependent on member dues and raising donated funds. Save money in the long-run by partnering with LNCG to curb the costs of hiring a Marketing executive.

Case Study


The Maryland Writer's Association

Developing an enticing look and feel for the Maryland Writer's Association's annual writing conference was of paramount importance. With the theme of "From Brain to Bookshelf," the association wanted to attract new members and have a website that reflected a modern feel.


  • Created new branding concept

  • Developed a new logo for the conference

  • Edited StarChapter website with new branding

  • Designed new collateral with matching branding



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