move with intention

You can complete as many tasks as you want, but without a solid strategy, you may never reach your goal.  Developing a strategy provides an intentional laser focused approach to achieving your goals to which all your tasks align.  At LNCG, we help you see the forest from the trees and view the landscape with an internal compass that guides your company into the future.

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Research & Discovery

We approach every challenge with a thorough beginning in research and discovery.  During this time we take a scientific and creative approach in attaining data that will help us develop a solid strategy to move forward. 

During this period, we perform interviews with your team, clients and other vertical specific and/or third-party sources.  To ensure we collect data that is true to the marketplace and not based on bias, we often use resources like Google Analytics Solutions.  This allows us to collect market and demographic specific research across the internet and deliver that to you within our strategy planning.

Communication Strategy

The difference between a communication strategy and a content strategy is the difference between how you say something and what you plan to say.  No matter what you plan to say, you must always consider how you plan to say it.

A communication strategy developed by our team outlines the tone of voice your brand should use in comparison to the marketplace.  Every great brand that you've ever felt connected to has set out to do just that with intentional effort.  We work to develop a unique and strongly personal voice that becomes instantly recognizable to your company only.

Content Strategy

Developing a content strategy is one of the most important plans that any modern company could have.  With the internet endlessly growing and more business being discovered and conducted online the only true way to stand out is with remarkable content that truly connects with your potential customers.

It's too risky not to have a content strategy anymore.

Yes, we said it.  It's risky not to develop a comprehensive content strategy across all your marketing channels. Content really is king online, and you can bet that your competitors already have a plan and are implementing it.

Marketing Campaigns

Whether you're promoting a new product, service or simply need more clarity with the marketing direction of your company we work as an extension of your marketing team to deliver strategies that tie into the marketing and sales funnel. 

Our team's background working with and at tech companies gives us an in-depth perspective of the challenges, obstacles and solutions that are available.