There is a reason why cameras and images play an important role in branding.  Along with copywriting, visuals produce an immediate connection that produces an association to your brand. We deeply understand that, which is why LNCG is known for developing visuals that are stunning.

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Original Photography

We produce original photography that strikes a chord in people.  It makes people take a second look and elicits a reaction.  Photography production and selection is an important part of building your brand and one that requires an artistic eye from a creative professional.  Our LNCG photographers are artists who translates your brand vision into tangible visuals that will delight your customers.

Have a smaller budget?  Our team will "sniff out the stock" of curated images that still produce a remarkable impact to your website and collateral.

Animated & Explainer Videos

Animated and explainer videos are an excellent tool for communicating concepts and ideas in a fun and artistic manner.  Whether you're planning a specific marketing campaign or need a general video about your company, our designers and animating engineers will develop a storyline, storyboard and unique artistic style for you.

It's also a great way to expand your marketing goals.  In addition to copywriting and visuals, including a video is another layer in providing a touchpoint that is enjoyable and increases SEO.