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We value professional development and work hard to make Tech Marketing simple for our clients, partners, and anyone interested in learning more about marketing.


Why Workshops?

We created workshops to make Tech Marketing Simple for businesses.  Our workshops are always complimentary and are educational with professional development.  Workshops are a great way for your business to leverage our Tech Marketing expertise in a class style. Our workshops are 45 minutes to 1 hour and can be conducted via webinar. If you’re in the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia area, we’re able to organize a Lunch and Learn at your office.

How it works

1. Pick a Marketing Workshop

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3. Schedule your workshop for in-person or webinar style

4. Learn & Grow with our Marketing Workshops


Automation 101

Learn the basics of Marketing Automation and how to successfully set your business up for this new marketing software solution.


Vision, Mission,
& Values

Need assistance with establishing your vision, mission, and values? You'll be surprised at how this simple task will transform your business.


Sales & Marketing Alignment

Get rid of the silos and learn how to integrate your sales and marketing teams to achieve a collaborative and aligned business.


Experience Marketing

Experience marketing is the modern strategy in creating a company that attracts and retains loyal customers for life.


Channel Marketing

Learn about what makes a successful channel marketing campaign. Go deep into customer industries with your marketing and sales. 


Ducktape Marketing

On a budget? This is great for startups and small businesses that want a marketing strategy without the big costs.



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